Since it’s launch in 1970, LGH had grown into a multinational company. Though absent from the UK marketplace for the last 10 years, LGH’s operations in North America and Europe continued to expand and thrive with LGH being in the top 30 US hire companies for several years.

In 2016, LGH UK officially re-launched its operations in Atherton, Manchester and has since grown to 3 new locations stocked with the highest quality equipment from our selected partners. We are dedicated to ensuring quality and satisfaction, providing only the safest and most reliable equipment, delivered with service and expertise you can rely on.


Bill Parkinson’s autobiography is a fascinating and heart-warming story of a man who was fired from his job in 1969, which prompted him to start his own business hiring out lifting equipment. Starting with an overdraft of £2500 and a second hand van, he created the largest such company in the world, with global sales of over $60 million. The book describes how he achieved this phenomenal success in a relatively small niche market. There are lots of anecdotes, especially from the early formative years, which clearly illustrate the attributes necessary to succeed in business, and there are a few cautionary tales showing that Bill’s judgement was not infallible. Along the way many businesses were bought, sold, started and closed in a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. Bill might not be a household name like Richard Branson or Steve Jobs but his story is every bit as interesting; small businessmen and women who’d like to become big businessmen and women will be sure to gain motivation and inspiration from what Bill was able to achieve from a very inauspicious beginning.

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LGH’s mission is to support customers across the globe with the safest and most reliable lifting and rigging gear, through continuous investment in our people, our equipment and our IT systems.


To become Europe’s leading, respected, independent and innovative supplier of lifting equipment. Fully focused on hoisting and lifting equipment, both high quality and capacity, from partners who are market leaders in their field.


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Lifting the World book cover by Bill Parkinson