SL Hydraulic Gantry System

4 point hydraulic gantry systems serve to lift and move heavy loads. The gantry systems can also be used to lift, turn, tilt and move loads. The hydraulic gantry systems are equipped with a remote control.

The hydraulic gantry system SL 125 allows you to lift and move particularly heavy loads. Please note: this system can only be used as 4-point system.

Load capacity: 127,4 t max. with 4-point system (SL 125)

  • Suitable traverses are available in different lengths.
  • Mini hydraulic jacks move along a rail system which must be ordered separately.
SL Hydraulic Gantry System
4 point hydraulic jacking system SL 125
Cylinder level Extended height in mm Load capacity in t – 4-point system
Stage 1 2,760 – 4,695 127.4
Stage 2 4,695 – 6,760 127.4

The technical product information displayed is for guidance only and may differ.