The L20 is a radio-controlled levelling device (yoke) that, using both new and well tested technology, levels loads effectively and safely with high precision. The yoke can handle both light and heavy objects up to 20 tonnes.

The yoke is powered by a built-in electric motor with a rechargeable battery.

  • Increases productivity – levels the objects quickly and safely with the press of a button, reducing both expensive crane & waiting times.
  • Saves installation time by up to 30%* for pre-fabricated building elements
  • Eliminates potential damage and increases safety – radio-controlled alignment of the chain removes manual adjusting
Technical Data
Lifting capacity Max. 20 tonnes
Imbalance capacity Max. 3 tonnes
Max. levelling length 6m (3m in both directions)

Two levelling speeds

Max. chain angle 60degrees at a load of 20 tonnes
Total chain length 6m
Chain dimensions 60.5 x 20mm

Calibrated chain Gr 80 RS

Net weight 395kg (incl. chain and hooks)
Height 1050mm
Width 712mm
Depth 623mm
Radio range 100m line of sight
Voltage, electric motor 24 VDC
Power consumption, standby 50 mA
Power consumption, max. continuous 60 A
Power consumption, peak 100 A
Certification CE Marked product
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C
Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
Relative humidity 0-90% during storage