Shipbuilding & Repair

In the dynamic world of shipyards, LGH recognise that every lifting challenge demands a tailored solution. Our Shipbuilding and Repair solutions encompass a comprehensive array of lifting, hoisting, and rigging equipment tailored to the diverse needs of shipyards and ports.

With locations across Europe, and more than 30,000 assets, LGH is your trusted partner. We deliver high-quality equipment quickly, when and where you need it. 
LGH provides reliable and efficient lifting equipment that ensures seamless operations even in the toughest environments. Our extensive range includes air chain hoists, manual chain hoists, roundslings, shackles, load indicators, and hydraulic cylinders. With capacities spanning up to 1,000 tonnes, we offer tailored solutions for various applications. 

From ship hull assembly and steel plate handling in manufacturing halls to welding operations and boat assembly, our lifting equipment supports every stage of the shipbuilding process. Our manual handling and lifting equipment ensures efficiency, safety, and precision when lifting large, bulky and awkward components during ship construction.

When repairs are necessary, our hoists step in to precisely and accurately position heavy loads such as propellers (or screws) and motors, damaged components, and sections for welding onto the ship’s body that must be replaced.

Our team have decades of experience supporting shipyards and are on standby to ensure we provide the best solution to meet your requirements.

With a legacy spanning more than half a century, LGH stands as a beacon of expertise in the lifting industry. Our extensive equipment range, spanning capacities up to 1000 tonnes, caters to a broad number of applications, offering tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Shipbuilding is more than an industry—it’s woven into the fabric of Germany’s / Belgium’s / the Netherlands identity. As vessels bearing cutting-edge design emerge from our shores, we contribute to the nation’s economic growth and export ambitions. By supporting shipbuilding and repair, we fuel a new green economy, fostering innovation, sustainability, and the advancement of low-carbon maritime technologies.

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