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Peter Krebs, Project Manager at Balcke-Dürr GmbH: "The LGH equipment pool has proven its worth once again! If LGH hadn't had the required equipment for hire, we would have been forced to look further afield, outside Germany. LGH's offering is unique in Germany!"

The challenge

The 270-tonne HP feedwater heaters were delivered horizontally to the installation site. They then needed to be brought into a vertical position on-site at the power station, which was only possible using an indoor crane.

The solution

Two 50-tonne air chain hoists were needed to lift the heavy HP feedwater heaters from a horizontal to a vertical position. The extremely high load capacity and excellent manoeuvrability of the air chain hoists made them ideal for this type of operation - not to mention the significant cost savings achieved by hiring instead of buying. Each of the indoor cranes was equipped with more than four sling points with shackles, two chain hoists with steel wire rope connections to the tank and a further two steel wire ropes. The steel wire rope was run over four sling points on the tank. The task of lifting the tanks from a horizontal to a vertical position was made considerably easier thanks to the manoeuvrability of the chain hoists.

Our equipment used for this project

  • 2x 50-tonne air chain hoists
12 July 2019
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