LGH Heavy Lifting Equipment in the Marine Industry

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For over 40 years, LGH have been working with the marine industry to supply heavy lifting gear for some major projects. We have supplied heavy lifting equipment for shipyards, jetty construction, offshore energy projects, marine safety and marine pipelines. The one thing that all of these sectors of marine work have in common is that they all require lifting difficult and demanding loads. Components that are large and often extremely heavy can be challenging to lift in wet and unstable conditions. That’s why engineers, surveyors, installers and workers in our seas, lakes and rivers regularly trust LGH to hire the equipment solutions for heavy lifts that they demand for their work. A good example of a recent marine project that was successfully completed using LGH gear is the Seatank Terminal in Antwerp, where a huge concrete jetty was installed for ships to moor at and pump liquids into the terminal. Some of the key pieces of lifting equipment that we hire to the marine industry includes: Beam Clamps: Beam clamps can lift up to 20t and can operate in temperatures from -50°C to +50°C. Chain hoists: both electrical and air chain hoists are available and capable of handling a load of up to 100 tons. Modulift CMOD Beams: For capacities from 6t to 140t and spans 0.5m to 16m. LGH can supply heavy lifting gear hire with great service, providing tough, strong, non-corrosive lifting gear that will work even in the toughest of conditions. That’s why so many workers in the marine industry choose to hire from LGH. If you’d like some advice about a marine project, contact our team.
2 July 2019
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