Lifting a chapel in Germany

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In Germany, our colleague was involved in a great project. A small chapel that was in danger of subsiding due to rising groundwater had to be moved 7 metres. This was a challenge in itself, were it not for the fact that no exact data were available on the expected weight and centre of gravity. The COG can normally be calculated using digital compression load cells, but the subsurface with water and mud did not allow this. Based on the indication of the load, we supplied equipment that had to be amply capable of carrying the load. During hoisting, it also became apparent that there was a suction effect underneath the church. The equipment appeared to have sufficient capacity to handle this properly. Our customer appealed to our equipment and our experience and we delivered:
  • 1x MOD110 4.5m,
  • 2x Round Sling WLL 50t working length 4,5m,
  • 2x Load chains 2 leg 45t 5m,
  • 2x Grommets 55t working length 1,5m,
  • 2x Chain Hoists WLL 20t lifting 6m
  • 2x Shackle WLL 55t
All of our spreader beams are from our trusted partner Modulift. During the job our colleague was present and fortunately he found the time to take beautiful photos.
3 November 2020
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